1. Environment Protection
    We concern very much the environment protection at every stage of the production process, from product design, production, logistics, to the consumption and disposal of the products.
    • Paper reservation
      • As a core supplier of paper products, we do very much care of the raw materials supply. We select only the raw material supplier with well organized re-plantation program in the hope of taking up the environment protection responsibility.
      • Green2's photo papers are coated with environment free material which can be recycled after disposal.
    • Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE)-2002/96/EC
      • We take up all waste management responsibility of our products worldwide. We try hard to make our dealers realize not only the importance of providing quality products and services but also the importance of the recovery the end products.
    • The Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) Directive- 2002/95/EC
      • With the introduction of RoHS, we are committed to ensure that all hazardous substances are restricted in our products.
      • We also cooperate closely with our supply chain for materials restrictions.
  2. Collection
    Worldwide recycling programs are set up through our exclusive agency in different countries. We, on the other hand, support our dealers fully in running the used cartridges collection program. We always encourage our customers sending back the used cartridges to us for recycling.
  3. Social responsibility
    The appropriate disposal of used cartridges is arousing more and more concern in the globe. We work particularly hard for the issue.
    • Proper disposal of used cartridges
      • On the back of each cartridge box, we make clear notice indicating the proper disposal of the used cartridges. We hope that all our international service centres' staff, dealers and also the end users would be aware of the importance of proper disposal of used cartridges.
      • We always encourage our consumers not to dispose the cartridge after use but to return them back to the representing sellers, in order to be an environmentally friendly supporter.
    • Provision of international awareness training
      • As an international corporation, it's of the utmost importance that our staff members are all equipped with the international knowledge regarding the industry. Hence, periodic training and knowledge input are offered to our staff, such as internal interactive discussion on RoHS and WEEE regulation.
      • We also encourage our staff to implement different green measures at the workplace, e.g. keeping electronic files for reducing paper consumption, switching off the electricity when they are not needed, etc.
  4. Charity
    • We welcome customers from all over the world to donate used materials through the “Green2 Charity Program”.
    • very item returned is refurnished and repaired at our Recovery Centre by the professionals. After refurbishment, the renewed products are donated to different international charities for the needy.
  5. Intellectual Property
    • We pay heavy attention both to our own Intellectual Property and respect of others'. Therefore, our trademark is legally registered in Hong Kong, Europe and America.
    • We do highly respect the I.P. right of other companies. We provide the patent-free products which are manufactured following the legal regulation.
    • W e always remind all our dealers that full responsibility of any legal issue should be taken.